leader in flexible package printing and bagsconverting  of laminated film

Qingdao Supouches Packaging Co.,Ltd is located in Qingdao, China, Having 13 years of industryexperience, We are now a leader in flexible package printing and bagsconverting  of laminated film. Weserve our multinational clients in numerous industries. Some are reputed brands. 

We can realize thelamination with material like : PET/PE, PP/PE, KPET/PE, PET/PAPER/PE, PET/ALU/PE,etc.As flexible packaging material is widely used in packaging food products, Weare committed to using food grade material of plastic/paper films,laminatingadhesive and printing dyes during production. All contact materials comply withthe specifications and limitations for food safety like Japan food sanitationlaw 370, etc. We are certified to the ISO 9001:2008 Quality System by SGS, theproducts are made under strict quality inspection system from raw material todelivery, which demonstrates the ability to consistently provide product thatmeets customer requirements and aims to enhance customer satisfaction.

We provide a widerange of laminating solutions (adhesive & extrusion) including pouches,rollstock films which have excellent barrier quality from oxygene and moisture.

Our missionis to achieve complete client satisfaction. Our company's Policy is:TOP QUALITY, BESTPRICE, FAST DELIEVRY.

We like tocooperate with any retailers, wholesalers, distributors and end-users, no matter they are a newstart-up company or a large company. For us, the buyers are the most important.To show our buyers and partners the best service and prime quality products is our aim.Now our productsare exported to many countries all over the world and we are sure more and morebuyers will like our products. All the buyers abroad are welcomed to China tovisit our factory.

We expect tocooperate with you. Please contact us so we can help you meet the specific needsof your packaging project. Thank you.

Our main focus ishygiene in response it is integrated as amajor component in the production process

We have personnel hygiene facilitiesset up in the preparation room where the workers can wash hands and put onclean protective clothing  with cap to prevent the contamination. Thenthey must enter a air shower room to remove the dust before getting into theworkshop.  

We control among other things the handling of rawmaterials, the prohibition of eating, smoking and drinking in the productionareas, the prohibition of wearing any jewels in those areas, the glass policy,the protection against insects and rodents, the usage of new pallets, theautomatic packaging of the material, etc.

Complete production facilities, providing customized packaging services

Our productionline is equipped by the latest technological production facility for printing,film laminating, and bags fabrication including highly regarded Totanibag-converting machine and Fuji printing press, which allow us to offer highlevels products and services to our clients. With our skilled and motivatedprofessionals, we also offer customized packaging service to cater to thespecific needs of our clients.  We take pride in supplying our clients thetop quality pouches that help them to protect,to improve and to promote theirproducts.

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