Features of zipper stand-up bag

Bags of all kinds are a time-tested, multi-industry-trusted, flexible packaging system. Bags have evolved from burlap sacks to stand up pouch packaging made from all sorts of materials. Flexible packaging is a container (typically a mylar bag) that can bend and move to accommodate its contents. Mylar flexible bag packaging is flat when it’s empty and bulges as it’s filled. Essentially, packaging bags are simple flexible containers with openings at the top. But foil bag packaging can vary wildly from stand up pouch packaging to resealable packaging bags to flexible retort pouch packaging. Additionally, industry preferences, brand vibes, and customer demands have all played a role in the evolution of bags such as pouch packaging and retort packaging.

In some cases, mylar packaging is also used for shopping bags or “exit bags." However, some states don't allow open-topped exit bags, and require tamper-evident, resealable, and/or child-resistant exit bags. Green Earth has a variety of flexible packaging bags that adhere to appropriate safety regulations for foil bag packaging to keep everyone – businesses, customers, and bystanders – protected and happy.

Exit bag laws are often different from packaging requirements for other packaging bags. Exit bags are more than just what to put the products in for customers to leave the store with. They range from stand up pouch packaging to retort packaging to double-zipper, fully opaque, tamper-evident mylar packaging.

Some states have strict laws about the containers that various products are packaged in. Thankfully, we carry resealable packaging bags and other varieties of pouch packaging that can work for every product in every state.

Beyond just meeting legal requirements, sturdy, reliable, pouch packaging is one of the very best ways to keep your product fresh. Wholesale pouch packaging bags made from mylar are space-savers that are also more durable when compared to jars. They’re also highly customizable and come with several compliance packaging options. If you’ve been looking for an exit bag in bulk, we definitely have something for you in our diverse and extensive wholesale collection.

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