How to Choose Size of StandUp Pouch-Step by Step Walkthrough

Selecting the right size for stand-up pouch packaging has always been challenging for our customers. Supouch offers a comprehensive size chart for your convenience in determining size dimensions for a custom pouch. Precise size measurements are crucial for the designer to sketch the design layout in the dieline file. Based on over two decades of experience, Supouch has expertly figured out the dimensions for a variety of packaging pouches.

How does a Stand-up Pouch Measure?

Before starting, we should have preliminary knowledge of the pouch measurements. As is known from the graph below, there are three main dimensions: height, length, and bottom gusset width. The bottom can be sealed ovally which is called doyen's bottom, or sealed on the four corners, which is called K sealed bottom or plow bottom. The bottom can be pulled apart to form a sustaining base to enable the pouch to stand upright.

Stock Stand-Up Pouch Size Chart

In the market, there are stock pouches that wholesalers offer in a diverse range of sizes. These pouches are standard-sized. For instance, a 2oz pouch typically measures 3 inches in length and 5 inches in height and features a 2-inch bottom gusset in width. SUPouch has gathered the size data on twenty different pre-made stand-up pouches available commercially and formulated an exhaustive size chart.  This chart displays each pouch’s size specifications and capacity. With the aid of this size guide, Choosing the right pouch size for your needs, whether it's 2 ounces, 4 oz, 6 oz, or 8oz, is relatively simple and time-saving.

In addition to quantifying capacity by a unit of fluid oz, Supouch makes size comparisons between different food items. From the chart below, you can see the total product weights across various sizes for your reference. This method allows you to see how the pouch looks like when stuffed with gummy, pet treats, granola, or tea. It provides a better understanding of packaging volume for not just coffee beans but also a variety of products such as snacks, nuts, spices, cereals, candies, frozen vegetables, nutritional supplements, drinks, water, and beer, etc. the accompanying images illustrate how full they appear when filled with the right amount.

Custom Stand Up Pouch Sizing

In cases where the product doesn't fit the packaging size of stocked pouches, for example, too big or needs a customized shape, SUPouch provides a custom sizing service. Usually, at Supouch, we separate the pouch sizing process into three steps to be followed. First, measure product volume, and compare it with the size chart, then, decide on the measurements, and lastly make the final modifications.

  • Check Product's Volume

A measuring cup or a standard stand up pouch can assist you in having an approximate view of the total volume of packaged products. When dealing with bulkier items, such as loose leaf tea, chunky pet snacks or crispy chips, it's essential to account for additional volume to guarantee the pouch's secure closing. This is particularly important as this extra space not only ensures a firm seal but also prevents the products from being crushed in the pouch.

  • Determine Size Specifications & Pouch Features

Referring to a size chart makes it easy to have a rough size specification. In this phase, you are free to choose any features you want for the pouch. You can choose from options such as a zipper, tear notch, hang hole, valve, spout, laser die cut line, and more. The valve and other attachments are placed on the pouch's surface. Despite these additions, the fillable space of the pouch remains unaffected. Typically, the ziplock, spout, handle, and tear notch are positioned at the top of the pouch. Generally, a 1/2-inch allowance is required for the zipper in terms of height.

One important thing to note is that the pouch opening length will be smaller than the actual length. Due to the inherent structure of the zipper, which, owing to its rigidity and thickness, does not allow the pouch to open to its full length. Consequently, this results in a smaller top opening length. This discrepancy between the pouch's actual and usable length may be a limiting factor when it comes to the bulky items that can be put in. Another critical factor is the stuffing process. If you're utilizing a filling machine, you should also pay attention to the size of the filling head. This is particularly important for small-size pouches, such as 4oz stand up pouches.

Once the pouch dimensions and add-on features are determined, you can go to the next verification step.

  • Verify and Adjust the Size

The last step is an indispensable trial and error process for the whole project. To avoid unretrievable mistakes, you can make a handmade mockup and fill it with the right volume. Through modification, an accurate size is set at last. We have extensive experience in making size specifications and will provide you with a suitable measurement. We also have prepared a detailed PDF file of various custom-sized stand-up pouches for your reference. Please email us to get it.

Block Bottom Pouch Sizing

Block bottom pouch or box pouch, in addition to the bottom gussets, has two side gussets like coffee packaging bags. These gussets can be unfolded as flat. So, the volume of the block bottom pouch is similar to that of a box.

Side Gusset Bag Sizing

As the name suggests, side gusset bags have two gussets on both sides. When the sides are sealed, it is also called quad seal coffee bags, as they are often used for coffee bean packaging. In this case, a degassing valve is welded on the front or back face. As the side gusset bag folds up the four sealed corners to serve as the bottom, the side gusset bag is often slim and long in height. Like the block bottom pouch, the volume of the side gusset bag is also the same as that of a box.

Die-line Design Aide

We can help make a die line file for all types of standing pouches. The die-line can be cut off and made into an actual pouch by hand. It can be used for sizing experimentation.

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